Phase Inspection

Inspection of the property during construction. Three inspections performed at different phases of the building process. Learn more about phase inspections.

  • Pre foundation pour

  • Inspection of the foundation before the concrete is poured. Items inspected include: rebar placement and support, rebar size, trench placement, wall supports, membrane, etc.

  • Pre Insulation/sheetrock

  • Inspection of the structure and mechanicals before insulation and sheetrock. Items inspected include: Electrical and plumbing rough-ins, HVAC and ducting

  • Pre Delivery

  • Inspection of the finished building. Used in conjunction with builder’s punch list and buyer‘s blue tape walk thru. Items include: Functional testing of electrical and plumbing, functional testing and installation of appliances, function and installation of doors and windows, roofing, exterior cladding, insullation, cabinets, etc.